Fair Weather Friends

I’m positive y’all have heard this one before.

Fair Weather Friends

A person who is seemingly your BFF but when things aren’t going so well or someone who only sticks around when you’re happy. Can also be the person who doesn’t talk to you unless you wanna get high or do illegal things. 

Those people really suck. 

And the worst part is you can’t distinguish who they are until it’s too late. One thing you’ve got to keep in mind is you’re always going to be losing people in your life. Your best friend today could be gone tomorrow. The point is not to dwell on these things. Losing people sucks but you have to learn how to deal with those things.

I’m not going into deep detail today about how to deal with it that’ll be the next post, but I want to give you a few signs that you’ve got a fair Weather friend.

  1. They’re seemingly always around when you’re in a great mood but more difficult to get ahold of when you’re sad or upset
  2. They always make plans but at least 6/10 times they can’t make it or something came up. Don’t be confused or accuse your best friend of being fake because people do have lives and work and stuff but if they keep blowing you off all the time you just might have a fair Weather friend!
  3. They’re around during your bad habit period but ditch you when you try to better yourself. This is reverse psychology don’t fall victim to this!! Trust me when I say, your REAL friends will never just ditch you for no good reason.
  4. I want to point out that your greatest friends might be a little (or very) distant once you tell them you’re trying to quit using drugs. They were hurt when they found out you chose to start using and for good reason! It just means they love you and want you to succeed but by keeping you at arms distance they have less a chance of getting hurt. GIVE IT TIME!! They will 99% likely come around after you prove you’re worth it.

Read this quote as much as possible and it will keep you strong 💝

I want to end this on a positive note though. Know you’re not alone. You’re not ever alone. There are millions of people who are in your shoes right now. Me included! Every day is a struggle but we get stronger because of it! If there’s nobody else who will help you or support you through your sobriety I will. 

Have a beautiful day! 


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