What doesn’t kill you…

That’s such an annoying sentence isn’t it? I HATE when people are like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

While this is OBVIOUSLY true, you can’t just chalk it up to “well great you made it you’re good now”.

NEWS FLASH: it doesn’t work like that.

The road to recovery is a LONG and painful one. DONT let this deter you! YOU ARE STRONG. Ignore all those people who aren’t as supportive as they should be. Rise above it. I’m going to tell you a few necessary steps in cleansing not only yourself from drugs but yourself from relapsing. You might not like all these and wanna try and argue but these are facts.

1) Get used to being lonely for a little bit. Rome wasn’t built in a day (that might be worse than what doesn’t kill you) šŸ˜‚. But it’s true! You gotta start somewhere and that somewhere is exile every single person who positively associates with you while you do drugs. Those people are 1000% toxic and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry folks. The road to recovery isn’t meant to be golden happy crap that tv shows lay out for you. It’s rough and bumpy  and doesn’t always work out the way you want it to but IT IS WORTH IT. 

2) You’ve got to quit doing whatever it is you’re doing. “No. Freaking. Way”. Yeah.. really you do. Stop beating around the bush, stop trying to make excuses. Stop trying to say “I’m weaning myself down”. It’s all crap. You’re extending your pain. Cold turkey might not be the way everyone wants to do it but I Promise it’s the best way. IF YOU THINK A SUBOXONE CLINIC IS GOING TO FIX ALL YOUR PROBLEMS STOP READING!!! I will NEVER EVER support suboxone use as an alternative. They’re drugs just like whatever else you were doing. Close your eyes, pray to god, and take the leap into sobriety. I promise once you’ve proven you don’t want to go back to drugs POSITIVE influences will come your way!! šŸ’

3) STOP BLAMING YOUR PAST ON YOUR PRESENT! I get so damn aggravated when I see people saying “I grew up around drugs my whole life I can’t help what I’ve become.” Well, if that’s the case I can’t help you stop doing what you’re doing. Your past does NOT EVER dictate your future. You are what you make yourself. Make yourself a good person. ā¤ļø

4) DONT EXPECT INSTANT RESULTS! Most of you will already know that years down the road you’re still gonna be hurting for that DOC. When you’re down and hurting I want you all to think of this hilarious story that is where I was just a few months ago….

I’m sitting in my living room clean for two years off meth, crying my eyes out while my stomach was in knots, and my heart was hurting, all while I’m trying to convince my husband that it would be so much better if he’d just let me smoke some weed!

I’m not kidding. Imagine how horribly hilarious I look sitting on my floor, my addicts brain taking over and begging for some pot. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

5) GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET A JOB! Obviously if you have a job, this doesn’t apply. And it’s sad I have to actually say that šŸ˜‚ but if you don’t have a job you’ve got to get productive. If you don’t start making your hands busy your hands will start doing all the talking. Another famous annoying quote, “Idle hands are the devils play tools.” That might be annoying but it’s 10000% true! If you can’t work, and that’s a very stern IF, then find a hobby.

6) LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT IS NO WAY TO LIVE!!! Alright I throw this in here as cautionary as I can, I am in no way talking about people who are retired and disabled or LITERALLY CANT WORK. I’m talking about your 1000$ in food stamps and welfare collectors cause they don’t wanna work kind of people. I ain’t gotta lie, I was there. Not necessarily all the way there but I collected food stamps cause I didn’t wanna get a job while I was busy doing drugs. šŸ™„ don’t do that dumb crap. Get off that lazy butt and get a J O B. šŸ˜œ

These are my guidelines to making a better future and they’re honestly just the beginning. Another important thing to do is find something to believe in!! I know well as anyone God isn’t right for everyone but you NEED to find something of a higher power than yourself to look to. And not rockstars or Brittany spears. Seriously find someone or something that you hold in great respects because of the wonderful things they’ve done.

One last thing, I really want y’all to work on this for me, learn how to “listen before speaking, look before leaping, smile before crying, and live before dying”. It’s one of my favorite quotes and I live by it every day. Think on that and tell me in the comments what you struggle with ā¤ļø


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