Coping Mechanisms

Today we are going to cover the most important step towards recovery… Learning coping mechanisms.

There are thousands of things you can do to keep your hands busy! Like I said previously, “Idle hands are the devils play tools.” Now I’m going to go through 10 ways to keep your hands busy that have been popular for helping keep the mind preoccupied. 

These may not work for you and that’s okay! The biggest point of finding a coping mechanism is to help yourself to keep your mind on something other than your DOC.

  1. Bike riding– exercise is definitely important on your road to recovery. When you quit doing drugs it’s likely you will gain a bit of weight, and working that weight off will keep your confidence up!
  2. Knitting/crocheting– this will literally keep your hands busy. This one was awesome for me because I enjoyed doing it before I started using. It’s a little difficult to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to stop!
  3. Reading/writing– I can’t think of a simpler way to keep your mind preoccupied than to read or write stories. Again, this is much easier to accomplish if you have a passion for reading or writing. Pick up a book and get lost in the wonderful stories of another’s fantasy!
  4. Cooking– This one is definitely fun. Cooking can be baking or making meals. Make cupcakes all day and sell them or give them to people close to you! Your friends and family will thank you later. 😜
  5. Blogging– this sort of falls in with writing, but in a less intense kind of way. You can write short stories about whatever you want but getting those inner most deep feelings out is a wonderful way to alleviate your mind!
  6. Fishing– Now I’ll be honest, fishing isn’t necessarily my thing but I know that it has worked for hundreds of years for people who need a break from life. Go buy a $20 fishing pole and some hooks and worms and go out to your local lake and RELAX!! 😁
  7. Learn to play an instrument– I was going to be a little more specific but no one instrument works for every person so I’m broadening. Learn to play the guitar or piano or violin! Learn to play something & you won’t be worried about a fix, you’ll be worried about sheet music 😜
  8. Travel– Get the hell out of town! In fact, pack a bag and get gone right now. Forget everyone else. Take a me day or two and relax your soul! Go camping for a week! Go six towns over and meet new Nice people! Get out of dodge. 🙌🏼
  9. Photography– I’m going to go ahead and tell you unless your town or city is not overwhelmed by a bunch of “pro photographers”, don’t expect this to make you a ton of money. It’s a hobby. That’s the point. Get you a camera and go out and shoot pictures of beautiful creatures in the forest or candid photos of everyday average joes walking down the street. It takes passion to learn and love photography. 
  10. Gardening– This one is really fun, if you like to do it. However, you can’t say you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it. 😜 so go out in your front or back yard and find a 3 ft by 3ft section of grass, and grow you some tomatoes or something. (Gardening isn’t my thing, but I know tons of people who really enjoy it.) Plant flowers or anything you can think of that will make your life just a little bit brighter 💝

Alright y’all that’s 10 hobbies/things to do to keep your mind and hands busy! Take this as an outline for success. Keep your hands busy and your mind & soon enough you won’t be craving the drug!

Thank you all so much for stopping in and reading. I am having a blast sharing with you all what I know and I hope it helps!

I would love to feature some success stories here on my blog, and they can be totally anonymous, so if you’d like to be a part of this and change someone’s life, fill out the contact form & send me your story ❤️


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