The Honest Truth To Sobriety

Let’s be honest here…

There’s no quick fix easy way out of doing drugs. It’s a struggle every single day. It’s painful. It just downright sucks.

But that’s all the necessary evils to begin your journey.

Are drugs easier?

Hell yeah!

Are drugs more fun?

Is that even a question? Of course they are!

Are drugs an easy way out?


But who wants to cut YEARS off their life for drugs? Not me. I don’t wanna die early because I’m putting nasty chemicals in my body.

Would you still have started using knowing what you know now?

Hell. No.

There’s NOTHING stopping you from quitting except YOURSELF. Get real!

Let’s go through the most common excuses from habitual drug users.

“(Someone) died and I just can’t move on, this is the only way I can cope with it”

“All my friends use and if I stop I won’t have any friends.”

“All I’ve known my whole life is drugs there’s nothing else out there for me.”

“People are always hitting me up for drugs so I can’t quit.”

“I can’t. I just can’t. I’m too far gone!”

If your teeth are grinding too, good. Cause everything I just wrote is bullshit. And I’ll tell you why. From beginning to end.

  1. People die, I’m sorry. But it’s time to move on. Quit using that person as an excuse to ruin your life and put yourself in the space next to them.
  2. You’ve got to be kidding me. GET NEW FRIENDS. Disassociate yourself with drug users. Problem solved.
  3. How in God’s name can you say there’s nothing else out there for you if “all you’ve ever known is drugs?” That’s pretty simple minded. Get out of your moms basement and go to college or get a real job.
  4. Get a new phone number. Make a new Facebook. Block people who “hit you up for drugs”. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.
  5. Sounds like “oh poor pitiful me” instead of what it should be which is “I’m strong enough to conquer this demon”.

See kids, it’s not necessarily a grey area. It’s more black and white than you know. You just have to set your mind to it.

Now, the process really does suck bad. But… you’ll come out a better person than you were when you began drugs.

I’ll go ahead and tell you my timeline of how good/bad it was when I quit in increments of 1 month/3 months/6 months/1 year and now 2 years.

The first month was awesome. I felt alive and great and happy and like a brand new person. This is just like getting into a relationship, it’s a honeymoon phase.

Three months down the line I HATED everything. I hated everyone even myself. Not for any good reason and it definitely wasn’t justified, but nonetheless I still hated everything. Life sucked sooooo bad.

Six months down the line was good. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad. So just bittersweet I suppose. It was more just meh than anything.

One year down the road I honestly thought I was going to die. I felt like my body was being ripped apart. Everything tasted like dope; drinks, food, vaping, everything. It was so awful I thought I wouldn’t make it through it but don’t worry! Silver lining- it only lasted about a week. Worst week of my life.

Two years down the road (currently) I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m raising a beautiful family, pregnant, and married to the most amazing man a woman could ever ask for. He’s been here for me since day one of my journey to sobriety and I could never have asked for a more amazing partner.

You all can read a bunch of crap fluff all day long if you want to, that’s your prerogative. But here’s the 100% no bullshit truth. Sobriety sorta sucks to begin with. But a year, two years, ten years down the road you’ll laugh at yourself for ever starting doing drugs to begin with. Life is precious. Don’t take it for granted.

If I had to end this with the best advice I could ever give you, find a sober sponsor. I AM NOT SAYING GO TO MEETINGS. I’m also not saying not to go to meetings. If that works for you then great. It wouldn’t have worked for me. I had my husband and family to talk to and help keep me in line until I knew I could do it myself. Latch on to someone who is a positive influence on you that you look up to. Someone who will always keep it real with you. Someone who cares for you.

Press on, folks. This is the truth and sometimes the truth sucks, but you gotta deal with it just like everyone else.

As always, I love y’all and I will always have an open ear for those who want to talk.

I’m also opening up the blog for guest posts, sober stories, etc. If you’d like to be on this blog fill out the contact form on this page and I will get back to you within 24 hours ❤


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